Bella’s J Litter, Six Weeks

IMG_0153e3Bella’s J puppiesĀ  adore this young granddaughter and reposition themselves constantly in their exercise pen so they can see what she’s up to. She is quite gentle as we hold them one by one and allow little strokes over their backs. She offers her hand for them to sniff.

I meet many children in my stops at local parks or the small shops that welcome our visits. I’m impressed that so many have been taught the importance of a gentle approach, letting the puppy lead the interaction as he’s comfortable. Our baby will need lots of supervision, as all children do.

It’s fun for us to see her enthusiasm for our puppies, though – and theirs for her.

Jolie,IMG_0398e3IMG_0394e3IMG_0390e3Jane,IMG_0404e3IMG_0400e3IMG_0425e3IMG_0413e3Junebug,IMG_0431e3IMG_0453e3IMG_0429e3IMG_0432e3and JacksonIMG_0481e1IMG_0485e3IMG_0486e3IMG_0465e3

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Molly’s L Litter, Nine Weeks

IMG_0229e3The L’s have been brushing up their behavior in preparation for their new homes. Of course they’re rowdy when they play with us or our adult dogs or one another, but they settle well.

Potty training outdoors is the rule now. They come when we call, eat twice a day from individual bowls (not above trying to take a nip from a sibling’s bowl – it’s a work in progress), sleep through a seven hour night in their own crates (unless the puppy is Laddie, sometimes waking in the middle of the night with hopes of joining a sibling, which is fine at this stage.) They follow us as we lead them inside, outside and across the deck. They play sweetly with well-mannered children, which is all we allow, and they know we’ll have our hands under their chins when a child gently pets them, to help them manage those frisky tongues.

Their “sit” is excellent by now and all four are quick to respond. Tonight I helped our granddaughter to signal them, and they responded nearly in unison. (I’ve done this with other toddlers over the years, with puppies and also our adult dogs. Even very young children can be taught to handle them, and dogs can be taught to respond.)

So, are they perfect little angels? Not at all. Their new owners have lots of work ahead of them, but their foundation is solid and that’s always our goal.

Lark,IMG_0048e3IMG_0027e3IMG_0050e3IMG_0025e3Linnea,IMG_0061e3IMG_0060e3IMG_0065e3IMG_0078e3Lottie,IMG_0120e3IMG_0122e3IMG_0115e3IMG_0123e3and Laddie.IMG_0373e3IMG_0369e3IMG_0368e3IMG_0387e3IMG_0194e3IMG_0193e3




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Bella Bijou’s J Litter, Five Weeks

Today the J puppies had their pictures taken outside, and on a low table, both variations from previous portrait sessions. I try for left and right sides and front facing, at least eventually. I like outdoor light, and I need the puppies to feel relaxed and stand naturally. It takes some practice, and it doesn’t happen at five weeks.

I sprinkle small treats on the table surface, I pet and praise them and generally work to make it a positive experience.. It’s confusing for them to hear my voice but to see only the camera.

And unexpected fireworks were a little distracting – it’s always something!

Jolie,IMG_9919e3IMG_9938e3IMG_9934e3IMG_9929e3Jane,IMG_9942e3IMG_9944e3IMG_9947e3IMG_9949e3IMG_9953e3Junebug,IMG_9967e3IMG_9961e3IMG_9975e3IMG_9968e3and Jackson.IMG_9984e3IMG_9990e3IMG_9994e3IMG_0003e3

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Molly’s L Litter, Eight Weeks

I’m glad I wait to form opinions about the puppies’ temperaments until they’re eight weeks old or so. It helps to see them together, but also alone, and in different social situations over the weeks prior. Molly and Ren have fairly relaxed puppies, playful and lighthearted but pretty calm at the core. It’s true for the L litter as well.

Lark is a happy-go-lucky and adventurous puppy. Linnea is gentle and likes to observe before engaging. Lottie is a loveable teddy bear, not easily ruffled, and Laddie is an adoring, affectionate little fellow who will wrestle with his litter mates but would rather be in our laps.

When I scan back over our collection of puppy pictures, I can often identify the individual puppies at a glance. We tend to have “types”: those that resemble our male, Clancy McGee, or black and white puppies that look like our Maddie Mae, and many that have dark tricolor coats and large round eyes. But they’re still unique, and I love trying to pick them out by name. Once I do, I remember their personalities – that’s what really lingers.

Lark,IMG_9787e3IMG_9769e3IMG_9772e3IMG_9785e3IMG_9786e3Linnea,IMG_9814e3IMG_9810e3IMG_9804e3IMG_9800e3IMG_9799e3Lottie,IMG_9858e3IMG_9855e3IMG_9853e3IMG_9857e3IMG_9859e3and Laddie.IMG_9879e3IMG_9874e3IMG_9873e3IMG_9870e3IMG_9913e3IMG_9818e3


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Bella Bijou’s J Litter, Four Weeks

IMG_9741e3Jolie,IMG_9655e3 IMG_9657e3 IMG_9662e3 IMG_9660e3Jane,IMG_9664e3 IMG_9678e3 IMG_9666e3Junebug,IMG_9691e3 IMG_9708e3 IMG_9704e3 IMG_9693e3and Jackson.IMG_9726e3 IMG_9712e3 IMG_9715e3IMG_9738e3 IMG_9733e3 IMG_9743e3

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Molly’s L Litter, Seven Weeks

IMG_9513e3Lark, IMG_9432e3 IMG_9426e3 IMG_9421e3Linnea,IMG_9649e3 IMG_9653e3 IMG_9639e3Lottie,IMG_9621e3 IMG_9630e3 IMG_9452e3 IMG_9459e3and Laddie.IMG_9497e3 IMG_9610e3 IMG_9608e3 IMG_9601e3

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Bella Bijou’s J Litter, Three Weeks

IMG_9374e3Jolie, Jane, Junebug and Jackson are walking well for three week olds. All four are notably sturdy and strong .They’re unconcerned by the typical household life, trying to peer over the edge of the whelping box to watch family members and visitors who bustle by. Bella runs up and down, sociable with the family and attentive to her nurturing duties. I’m setting up a place for the Js downstairs, where they’ll join us this week.


Jane,IMG_9334e3IMG_9333e3IMG_9330e3Junebug,IMG_9346e3IMG_9344e3IMG_9343e3and Jackson.IMG_9352e3IMG_9355e3


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