Bella Bijou’s “E” Litter, Seven Weeks


At her puppies’ seven week mark, Bella is still not opposed to an occasional nursing session. Yes, they have emerging teeth, yes, they eat solid food heartily, and yes, she’s increasingly happy to see them being tended to by others. Still, if she’s not wearing her nipple-blocking pink baby onesie and the puppies are hungry – she obliges.


We’ve had a houseful of family members here this week, with a number of young grandchildren. I feel strongly that all the puppies’ encounters with little ones need to be positive at this stage, so we supervise well, or keep the puppies behind closed doors.  Crying, shrieks while in the pool or on the trampoline – these are fine for the pups to observe, but all direct handling must be positive.










And Emmett. This fellow is camera shy today, and actually, I love presenting them the way they really are, not as mini-models. I have a long photo series of Emmett darting away from the camera, which we think is completely charming.


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