Bella Bijou’s E Litter, Five Weeks


Jim and I met in 1974, in a group of mutual friends attending a Grateful Dead concert in Santa Barbara, California. We both grew up in Palo Alto, where Jim’s mother notoriously interviewed Jerry Garcia as a potential guitar teacher for Jim – and rejected him. There was no question that the puppies would be entertained this weekend with the televised “Fare Thee Well” reunion concerts celebrating fifty years of the Grateful Dead experience. They hung on every note, as the photo shows.

Our neighborhood was crazy with Fourth of July fireworks last night. We always host festivities at our home so we can keep our dogs company, a habit that matters to us most when we have puppies. Our adult dogs are all relaxed about fireworks and these puppies were as well, nursing quietly as they listened. I had the puppies out this afternoon when I heard distant thunder too, with a sprinkling of rain as we gathered them inside.

Fireworks, thunder, and a rock concert… an eventful weekend for the little “E”s.


IMG_2788e1IMG_2793e1 IMG_2792e1 IMG_2790e1 IMG_2783e1IMG_2797e1


IMG_2799e1 IMG_2807e1   IMG_2808e IMG_2810e1 IMG_2811e1 IMG_2813e1


IMG_2816e1 IMG_2817e1 IMG_2819e1 IMG_28221 IMG_2824e1 IMG_2829e1

and Emmett.

IMG_2842e1 IMG_2843e1 IMG_2844e1 IMG_2846e1 IMG_2856e1 IMG_2860e1

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3 Responses to Bella Bijou’s E Litter, Five Weeks

  1. Bobbi Dawson says:

    That’s a great story!!! They keep getting cuter!! When can we come see them again? Bobbi

  2. Linda Fleming says:

    Carol, what a darling picture of the little “Rockers”. Elliot has become MY Rock, as we have had another tragedy. A memorial today and another on Sat. When I look at the photos, they calm my heart! Thank you.

  3. Dace Kins says:

    Another adorable litter! I’m still dreaming of a little Blue Mountain puppy. Just want to be sure the timing is right. :). Will there be a fall litter this year?
    I love your posts!!

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